Barry Callebaut debuts plant-based “M_lk Chocolate”, Müller invests in Yofix Probiotics
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7 February 2020

Barry Callebaut debuts plant-based "M_lk Chocolate", Müller invests in Yofix Probiotics

This week saw the culmination of ISM 2020 in Cologne Germany, with FoodIngredientsFirst speaking to Barry Callebaut about the debuted 100 percent dairy-free milk chocolate, coined "M_lk Chocolate," within its new "Plant Craft Indulgence" range. At the event, formulation experts spoke extensively about trends in the organic, plant-based colors space, the "golden age of food science," sugar reduction solutions using fruits and vegetables, and "Storytelling" as a key product trend for 2020 pegged by Innova Market Insights.
In global developments, Carlsberg said beer sales in China have slumped in light of the coronavirus outbreak, which is severely impacting entertainment spots and dining outlets across the nation. In the US, glyphosate – a widely used herbicide and crop desiccant that Kellogg’s recently committed to phasing out in its food products – has been reaffirmed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as safe to use and non-carcinogenic.

In other notable developments, clean-label dairy alternatives company Yofix Probiotics has concluded an extended series A investment round, bringing in a total of US$2.5 million including investment from Müller. Cargill invested US$6.4 million to expand its food pilot capabilities, while DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences unveiled its "next-generation" emulsifier solution. Meanwhile, Mycoprotein brand Quorn Foods says its protein has contributed to a record-breaking "Veganuary," boosted by a nationwide rollout of KFC’s vegan burger.

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A high fiber white bread could be available by 2025. That is according to an international group of scientists led by Rothamsted Research and the John Innes Centre, in the UK, who have "opened the door to healthier white bread," after pinpointing genes responsible for the dietary fiber content of flour. The high fiber white flour has as much as twice the fiber of traditional white flour, the researchers claim.
This week in acquisition news, the Iberchem Group completed the acquisition of Flavor Inn Corporation and Duomei, two flavor companies located in Malaysia and China respectively, while Constellation Brands acquired a minority stake in Press Premium Alcohol Seltzer. Meanwhile, FoodDrinkIreland (FDI) welcomed a €200 million (US$219 million) capital investment scheme, in the same week the Ibec group that represents the sector also said that any future trading relationship with the UK must be underpinned by a comprehensive trade deal with no tariffs.
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